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ADDRESS : Kolodvorska 86 , 31000 Osijek , CRO

CHAIRMAN CTU : Branimir Rozman

MEMBERS OF CTU PRESIDENCY : Mirko  Iličić , Mirko Bereš , Zvonimir Šokčević , Josip Filipović

SECRETARY/TREASURER : Zvonimir Šokčević , Tri ruže 2 c , 32000 Vukovar , (032-413-476)

CHAIRMAN OF  THE BOARD  :   Marinko Rajić , Solidarnosti  19A , 32000 Vukovar

MEMBERS OF THE BOARD : Mario Jajtić , Zvonimir Šokčević

NEWSLETTER : Branimir  Rozman , Ivica Konjarević !

WEB ADMINISTRATOR   : Branimir Rozman

bank account : HYPO GROUP ALPE ADRIA : 2500009-1102143988

OIB 12635262531

e-mail : ctu.tipleri@gmail.com

web address: www.tipleri. hr

Croatian Tippler Union ( CTU) was established in December 2003, and located in Osijek in 2004.

CTU was founded by the members who had left Croatian Tippler Society due to the discontent with the workings of the organization.

At the end of 2004 eight new members  and the entire  Tippler Club from Našice entered the Union.

At the moment the Union has 60 members with more than 3000 English Flying Tipplers in possession.

Present CTU members have been organized in the clubs, as follows:  ŠTK Mursa- Osijek,  ŠTK Vinkovci , Štk Sokol -Vinkovci, Štk Vrbanja , Štk Vukovar, Štk  Požega, Štk Našice; with participation of  pigeon breeders from Zagreb.

Our pigeons have the legs marked with CTU rings.

We are interested in fellowship with pigeon breeders worldwide, especially those having English Flying Tipplers.

We have  long-time experience in tippler breeding with exceptional results accomplished , especially pointing out 2nd place at the INTERNATIONAL  LONG DAY competition in  2005 (Higi , Jakobović, Bereš), and 3rd place at the INTERNATIONAL YOUNG BIRD  competition the same year (Banić, Halilović, Šibenik).

National Bests CRO were achieved by the members of our union, as follows, Viktor Higi (19.31 seniors-05) and Željko Kovačević ( 17.55 juniors-03 )




Skupština CTU, Osijek 2005






Skupština CTU ,Vukovar 2007








Skupština CTU , Vinkovci 2007








Skupština CTU , Osijek 2008






Skupština CTU ,Vrbanja 2009

2011  CTU izborna skupština u Vukovaru


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  1. Good Morning, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

  2. elvir says:

    svaka cast stvarno mi se smaga ovako drustvo i zelim vam puno uspjeha i novi clanova.da sam u hrvatskoj ,da sam blize odma bi se uclanio i bio sretan sto mogu biti u takvom drustvu,jos jednom sretno i puno uspjeha

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